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Please view the How to get to Ambergate Primary School map to find alternative parking provision.


I understand how difficult it is to find a safe place to park in order to drop off/pick up your children.  The governing body, local councillors, local residents and myself met to discuss the issue on Tuesday the 13th January. Please be considerate of our neighbours when parking and ensure that access to their driveways is not blocked.

Councillors David William and David Farrelly have worked hard trying to secure a speed limit reduction on the A6 and a pedestrian crossing close to the Garage and Mr Cotton has applied for use of the site owned by Network Rail on Newbridge Road. Unfortunately, all suggestions/requests have been denied by the relevant parties.

The good news is that the Hurt Arms and the BP Garage have kindly offered us the use of their car parks for pick-ups and drop offs. These and other suitable locations have been identified on a How to get to Ambergate sent out on 14th January.

Please consider if you could use any of the alternative parking/getting to school methods suggested.