School Uniform

School Clothing and Equipment

At Ambergate School we have a dress code which is as follows:-

Plain sweatshirts *                                – Red or Navy

Plain polo shirts                                                – White, Red or Navy

Plain trousers, skirts, pinafores, shorts   – Grey, Black or Navy

Checked or plain dress                          – Red or blue

Plain socks/tights and shoes including trainers, provided that they are mainly dark coloured.

* Sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts and zip-up fleece jackets in red or navy with the ‘Ambergate logo’ on may be purchased from “Children’s Choice”, Bridge Street, Belper.

We request that all school clothing (indoor and outdoor) be clearly labelled with the child’s name. In the winter it also helps if children have a peg to clip together wellingtons, sorting 30 pairs of identical un-named wellingtons can be very time consuming!


We have steps to one side of our building and a slope at the other so it is very important that children wear sensible black/brown footwear, with flat heels.

Decorative Items

Such items are best kept for out of school wear. Accidents can happen and items can be damaged or lost. The wearing of jewellery can be an unnecessary burden to the child and the teacher.  Wristwatches can be worn but these are the responsibility of the child.

In line with the Physical Education Adviser’s Guidelines, we request that earrings, including sleepers, are not worn on P.E. days. Experiences throughout the County indicate that the wearing of earrings in PE lessons can result in very nasty accidents.