Recent Activities


At Ambergate Primary School there are lots of opportunities for rich learning.

Here are a few of our recent extra curricular activities:

National Story Telling Week (W/C 29th January 2018)

At school we have been celebrating our favourite stories across the school.  Children have shared their favourites and adults have led assemblies to show the stories that they enjoyed when primary school age.  Many thanks for Miss. Bull for organising the event.



Class 2 Trip to the Stone Centre (29th January 2018)


As part of their rocks and soils studies, Class 2 visited the Stone Centre at Middleton Top.  They were able to explore many of the centre’s magnificent fossils and they all enjoyed panning for gems.



Year 5 and 6 Football Tournament at the Soccer Dome (18th January 2018)

Mrs. Robertson took a team to the annual completion in Derby.  The children performed really well, competing against much larger schools, they held their own!


Heart Research UK Workshop (5th December 2017)


We were pleased to welcome Chris and Joel to the school today.  They delivered a workshop for each class, helping the children to understand how diet and exercise can help reduce heart disease problems.  The workshops were brilliant and involved lots of quizzes (blankety blank) and movement.

German (23rd November 2017)

Frau Ince has been helping the children get ready to celebrate Saint Martin’s day by making a traditional coloured lamp.


Let’s Get Cooking! (14th November 2017)

Another group of children have enjoyed cooking with Mrs. Faloon.  Today the children made tomato and cheese puff tart.

Poetry Day (5th October 2017)

Poetry Celebration

To celebrate National Poetry Day on September the 28th, we invited local poet Andy Tooze into the school to run a series of workshops with the children.  At the end of the day we all came together to share our work. Please ask your children about the session and their poems.

Andy Tooze


Key Stage 2 Athletics Competition (9th October 2017)

Mrs Robertson took a team of year 5 and 6 pupils to the competition in Alfreton


Key Stage 1  Athletics Competition (2nd October 2017)

Mrs Robertson took a talented team of year 2 pupils to this athletics festival at Belper. 

gym 2

MacMillan Coffee Morning (29th September 2017)

Mrs Robertson & Radage organised another fantastic coffee morning.  Lots of parents and grand parents came to eat cake with the children and lots of cake was eaten! Many thanks for all of the helpers and bakers and subject to final gift aid tallies, we are expecting to break the £500 mark.  This is the best total I have ever seen during my headship.  Again, many thanks for your support.

Triathlon (28th September 2017)

Mrs Turner enrolled a team of 15 KS2 children onto a Brownlee Brothers triathlon at Woodlands Primary School. The race was a part of the Olympians’ foundation programme and both were at the event to offer encouragement to the children.  It was a non-competitive event and aimed at introducing the children to triathlon.  A good time was had and many thanks to the brothers and the organising team!

Football Tournament (27th September 2017)

A team of year 5 and year 6 children headed off to Duffield to compete in the annual football tournament.  Throughout, the team scored plenty of goals and made it through to the knockout stages.  Eventually they reached the final!  Unfortunately, the team lost by two goals, but they should be extremely proud of their performance and second place medals. 

Brazilian Day (22nd September 2017)

To mark Mrs. Jones’ expedition to Brazil for her charity bike ride, we decided to hold a Brazilian morning.  The children enjoyed a range of workshops, which included music dance and mask making.  The morning ended with a big parade.

We will be able to keep intouch with Mrs. Jones, as she will be blogging throughout the journey.

The Friends of Ambergate Welcome to New Parents BBQ and Rounders Match (15th September 2017)

We welcomed both new and old families to the cricket pitch for a burger and bat. Eighty tickets were sold, the rain held off and much fun was had by all.  Many thanks to all that contributed to this fantastic event.

The Ambergate Primary School Show 2017 (18th & 19th  July 2017)

Years 4,5 and 6 held two performances of their end of year show The porridge Pot.  It was an excellent story that was backed up by brilliant acting, singing and dancing and on both nights it was a full house.  Well done to all of the children and teachers for making the end of year so memorable!

Ambergate Carnival (8th July 2017)

The school maypole group performed at the carnival this year.  It was a fun day and their performance was fantastic.  Many thanks to the grown-ups that joined in on our second dance.

Class 1 visit to the Tramway Museum (7th July 2017)

As part of their transport through the ages topic, class 1 enjoyed a trip to the Tramway Museum. 



Year 2 residential visit at Shining Cliff (6th July 2017)

The year 2 children visited the youth hostel at Shining Cliff for an overnight visit.  They practised their forest school skills and enjoyed the use of the bunkhouse.

Rolls-Royce Science and Technology Challenge (17th June 2017)

A team of 5 children built upon the success of last years ship building challenge and entered the competition to make a siege engine.  The event was hosted at Ripley Junior School and forms part of Rolls-Royce’s commitment to develop the science and engineering skills of primary age children. The siege engine was tested in assembly and the team soon found their aim!  Well done William, Sabine, Rohan, Saul and Remy.  Also, a special thanks to Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Horner for leading the teams and Rolls-Royce for arranging such a super activity.


Class 1 Transport (W/C 12th June)

Class 1 are currently enjoying a time travel topic and have been exploring transport.  Very kindly Finley and George’s Grandad and Mrs. Radage’s Dad brought in their classic land rover and motorbikes. Mrs. Marsh also brought in her camper van for the children to see.  



 Green Tree Award

Following on from our tree planting work on March 27, we have been working hard to earn points to achieve a Bronze award and hopefully by the summer we may even achieve silver. Our latest contribution involved an assembly, which told the story of the man who planted trees (you can assess the story by following the link below).  Soon we are hoping to bring you some artwork inspired by Thacker’s Wood.



We were awarded our bronze Award on the 23rd May 2017



Flat Stan First Aid Training (16th May 2017)

We were fortunate today to be able to welcome Liz and Nic from Derwent Training Consultants.  They introduced a new programme of first aid based upon the Flat Stan character.  Each class spent just over an hour learning about what to do in a medical emergency.  More details about the programme can be found by following the link below:

RNLI visit the school (15th May 2017)

Tony Dale came to school today to explain the role of the RNLI and how to keep safe around water.  It was an excellent assembly and aimed very much at keeping our children safe.


Spoon Workshop (5th May 2017)

Jo came to visit the school with a bag full of percussion instruments.  Class 1 had a fantastic afternoon and particularly enjoyed the spoon playing.


Augustus and his Smile (6th April 2017)

The children were treated to a play in school today.  Platform 31, working in conjunction with the arts council, gave three performances of Augustus and his smile.  The aim of the play was to help children reflect on the performance and in particular explore the emotional journey of the characters. This was one of the very best in-school productions I have seen!

Class 2 Field Trip to Carsington (5th March 2017)

As part of their water cycle topic, class 2 enjoyed a field trip to Carsington to investigate where we get our water from, what Severn Trent do and how much water do we use.

Tree Planting (27th March 2017)

We have joined forces with the Woodland Trust to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the influential 1217 Charter of the Forest (6 November 2017).  Year 4 and 5 pupils caught the train at Ambergate and travelled to Whatstandwell, were they then walked along the canal to Duke’s Quarry.  The children planted a range of saplings to try and diversify the species growing in the woodland there.

Bikeability Level 2 and 3 (27th February 2017)

The year 5 and 6 children have been extending their cycling skills and building upon the cycling undertaken in November. Today they have completed two units, which will be followed up with a further three sessions on the road.



Incredible Eggs (25th February 2017)

We received our duckling eggs on Monday the 20th February and they hatched on the Wednesday and Thursday.  Each class has been looking after the ducks and ensuring that they receive several baths a day! The ducks are due to return home this Friday.


Ambergate Has Got Talent (3rd February 2017)

The Friends of Ambergate held a talent show evening for the children to demonstrate their talents and for families to enjoy food, wine and good company. Everyone gave a fabulous performance, especially the first act (The Amazing Schumann)!  A very big well done to all of the children that took part.

Class 2 Trip to Conkers (6th February 2017)

As part of their environmental topic, class 2 visited Conkers activity centre for a day of exploration. 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) (2nd February 2017)

The school took part in a STEM challenge to design a containing capable of transporting produce up a mountain.  This was based upon the farmers of Nepal, who had designed a similar system to transport their crops.  The children worked in cross class groups and produced some fine work.

Football (19th January 2017)

Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Brooks took a fantastic team of year 5 and 6 footballers to compete at the Derby County six-a-side tournament at the JD Sports pitch.

Science Extra (19th January 2017)

Mrs. Horner has started our STEM project work with a new group.  This term they will be concentrating on plants.

Cooking (19th January 2017)

A new wave of cooks have begun working with Mrs. Faloon and Mrs. Wilson.



HealthWatch (19th January 2017)

Sarah Mellors from Derbyshire HealthWatch came to visit class 3 today to find out about the experiences that the children had had with local medical services.  This project is aimed at improving these services for children and strongly believes that the child’s voice should drive any change.


Amber Valley School Sports Celebration (13th January 2017)

Phil from the School Sports Partnership for Amber Valley joined us for our Friday assembly to celebrate 10 years of work.  We were also joined by the partnership’s mascot Ollie the Octopus.  As part of the celebration we were presented with a plaque to mark the occasion and a banner to acknowledge the school’s achievement in sports.  We have now achieved the National Silver Award!

Litter Picking (19th December 2016)

Mrs Myers and the Peer2Peer group have been litter-picking in the village.  The children had been inspired by a local gentleman, who regularly can be seen collecting litter around Ambergate. The children walked around the village and the edge of Shining Cliff.  Lots of litter was collected and the community looks a lot neater for their efforts.

Christmas Concert (19th December 2016)

We celebrated Christmas as a whole school community by hosting a musical concert.  Class 2 sang and performed jingle bells with their recorders.  Class 3 performed a selection of songs with their brass instruments and sang A Christmas Cacophony. It was a wonderful afternoon and I would like to thank the PTA for providing drinks and mince pies and all the parents able to attend.


Nativity (13th December 2016)

Class 1 performed their annual Nativity performance at Saint Anne’s Church.  The Wrigley Nativity was a huge success and the children should be very proud of their efforts.  Well done class 1!

Pantomime (7th December 2016)

The whole school went to Mansfield Palace Theatre again this year to see Peter Pan.  It was another fantastic show and as usual the children behaved fantastically well, which is more than can be said for Captain Hook!


Olympic Champion (25th November 2016)

Today the children enjoyed a visit from Hollie Webb, our local Olympic  gold medallist. Hollie spoke to the children about how she started playing hockey at the local Belper club and how she progressed onto the Rio 2016 team. It was a wonderful visit and I would like to thank Maggie for arranging the visit and Hollie for taking time out of her busy schedule and spending time with us. It was a memorable day!

Bikeability (21st November 2016)

Class three have been put through their paces as they completed their level one bikeability course.  The weather was against them, but they all managed to pass and a couple managed to cycle for the first time!

An Inspector Calls…. (19th November 2016)


Police Constable Smith visited the school to deliver a series of workshops about stranger danger, online safety and the duties of a local police officer.

Fine Dining (18th October 2016)

Parents and other Grown-ups from class 2 were invited to join their children to enjoy a full English breakfast.  We are going to roll this experience out to the other classes later in the year.

Cyber Safety (20th September 2016)

Race4Life (18th July 2016)

We had a fantastic afternoon competing in the Race4Life.  It was an extremely hot day and the children worked very hard in the heat to compete their lap target.  Many thanks to helpers, runners and eaters.  A special thanks to Mrs. Turner and her family for organising the and running the event.


Maypole Workshop (6th July 2016)

Chloe and Jade from the Heage Windmillers held a maypole workshop for the children after school.  They were concentrating on some basic skills and intend to follow this up with another workshop at the Ambergate Carnival, where grown-ups will be encouraged to join in!  Many thanks to Chloe and Jade and also Becky from the carnival committee.

Year 6 Residential ( 30th June 2016)

Year 6 children enjoyed  a night at Clumber Park as their leavers treat.

They will not give much away, but cycling and water fights seem to have been the order of the day! 


STEM Design Challenge (25th June 2016)

Mrs Robertson took a team of children to Ripley Junior School to take part in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) design a ship lift challenge.  This was organised by Roll-Royce and gave the children a wonderful opportunity to design and build a lift.  The children took on the rolls of designer, planner, buyer and chief engineer.  Many thanks to Claire from Rolls-Royce for organising the event and Mrs Robertson for taking them.  Also a big thanks for the help of parents, both on the day and for transportation.

The Queen’s Birthday (9th June 2016)

Class 1 held a garden party to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.  The children wrote invitations to their family and helped prepare the food and bunting.  It was a huge success and I would like to say thank you for all food donations and eating!

Sea-Life Centre (26th May 2016).

Class 3 visited the Sea-Life Centre as part of their topic Into the Deep.   



Mosaic (24th-26th May 2016)

The whole school has been working with Peter from Zantium Studios to create a new mosaic for the front wall and two new murals for the class 1 outside area. A grand opening will be arranged for early in the new term. Many thanks for all of the money raised through the Friends of Ambergate.




Class 1 Visit to the Farm (20th May)

Class 1 went to Fred’s farm and we had lots of fun! We walked through the fields and saw lots of heifers, cows and calves. They were chewing the cud! Also we saw pigs, piglets, chickens and a big black bull called Jason. We had lots of fun putting our hands in the feeling boxes.  There was straw, hay, cow food, chicken food and grass seed boxes. All of Class 1 enjoyed decorating cakes, made with the farm’s eggs! They were yummy!     By Emma Jane and Jemima


Class 3 working with the Wildlife Trust (Spring 2016)

During the Spring term of 2016 we began an exciting project with the Wildlife Trust.  Together we built mini-best hotels, bee homes and bird houses.  Also, a wildflower area has been created in the green tyre and the bedding area has been replanted to include herbs and fruit plants. 





Class 1 visit to Domino’s Pizza

In the build up to the harvest festival, class 1 have been looking at pizza.  How it is made, the key ingredients and where the ingredients are from.  The class travelled by train and enjoyed a picnic lunch at the memorial gardens after their pizza making session.  All of the children made their own pizzas to take home.  Many thanks to the Domino’s area manager and her team for making the visit so exciting for the children.

pizza 3097

Catching the train

pizza 3111

Enjoying the ride

pizza 3148

Making the base

 pizza 3154

Putting on the toppings

pizza 3161

A picnic lunch


Years 4,5 and 6 have begun their second year of brass playing with Mrs Morse and Mr Jones.

We attended the Nottingham Concert Hall and played with the Halle Orchestra.

october 2015 2984

Prior to beginning brass lessons, Class 3 started a 10 week Music Partnership project called Bamboo Tambo.  Bamboo Tamboo is a form of music from the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. It combines hitting a Bamboo (plastic) tube on the ground then striking it with a beater.


23rd September:


As part of our curriculum Mrs Faloon is twice weekly teaching children in class 2 and 3 how to cook.  Menus are designed to fit in with our class topics where possible and the children take home their creations.

A sample of our cooking:


 pizza 2843


 DSCF9131 DSCF9132 DSCF9133