Vision, Values and Ethos


Our Ethos and Vision


We are committed to providing every child with full access to a broad and balanced curriculum so that each individual can achieve their potential in an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual support and respect.

This vision will be achieved at Ambergate Primary School by helping the children to:

  • Develop a positive attitude to school and learning

  • Experience encouragement and success to enhance self-respect

  • Develop confidence, interest, initiative and responsibility

  • Learn to work together with adults and peers to gain the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed in a rapidly changing world

  • Communicate effectively in a variety of forms

  • Participate in a wide range of physical, sporting and creative activities which enrich their appreciation of life

  • Understand and develop British values such as tolerance, respect for the views of others and an awareness of religious and moral values

  • Acquire an environmental awareness, fostering a caring attitude to the world around them

 Our Values

At Ambergate Primary School we have Seven Core Principles, which guide us in all we do and enable us to achieve our vision:

Be Honest

We always tell the truth. We can be trusted to be honest, to say what we mean and to do what we say.

Be Caring

We care for others, do good things that benefit others and remember that the world does not exist for us alone.

Be Determined

We always work hard to be the best that we can be in all aspects of our lives.

Be Respectful

We always respect others, even if their beliefs and opinions are very different to our own. We consider other people’s feelings in everything that we do.

Be Humble

We try to be the best we can be without showing off and we encourage others to be the best they can be, without criticising their efforts.

Be Responsible

We accept responsibility for what we say, what we think and what we do.

Be Brave

We do the right thing, even when it is hard. We stand up for what is right and we help each other to overcome our fears.